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Program Benefits

What can the program offer you?


Year-long leadership program

The inaugural program concluded in November 2023.

Stay tuned for updates on future rounds.

The inaugural program involved learning, coaching, mentoring, and networking on climate, health, and practical and inclusive leadership and public engagement topics. Participants identified and learned to leverage the interconnections between their line of work and the climate and health ecosystem, expanding their technical skill set to better fill systemic gaps. They also built leadership and communication skills to develop effective public engagement strategies while learning from a varied and highly engaging set of experts.

Participants had the opportunity to interact with the intellectual stalwarts of the climate and health ecosystem and a group of climate and health changemakers that they could lean on as they pursued the challenging and rewarding journey of change towards a healthier world. 

The program empowered changemakers to cultivate the following:


An expanded understanding of the intersection of climate change and health

Systems thinking skills to analyze complex contextual challenges and build pathways to scale

Public engagement skills to identify and then work with relevant stakeholders for scaling impact


Adaptive leadership toolkit to manage polarities


Openness to engaging with different stakeholders to identify and work on common goals 

Ability to think collaboratively on how to unlock positive change 

Empathy to understand complex issues through an equity lens

Comfort with being an inclusive leader who can identify and manage conflict 


Effectively communicating challenges and needs to relevant stakeholders.


Mapping out an action plan for solution’s highest impact potential


Tapping into relevant networks to grow solution to scale


Building a resource map to identify tangible gaps in work and how to fill them

Submissions closed

Following the success of the inaugural cohort, the PEL program is gearing up for future rounds. Keep an eye on this space for the latest information.

For queries, please email:;

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